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Nurse, author, speaker and healthcare advocate, Donna Yates-Adelman is a passionate spokesperson for the idea of putting care back into healthcare.

Donna Yates-Adelman is a motivational speaker at CEGEP Nursing Schools and High Schools. She is an advocate of hands-on hospital experience for student nurses. She is also a nurse with Johnson & Johnson's Nurses Who Make a Difference program and is devoted speaking to high school students to help them make an informed decision about choosing nursing as a career.

"Nursing is hands-on, caring for the patient twenty-four hours a day. The nurse is the patient's protector, confident, advisor and teacher. The nurse is a keen observer, able to examine, calculate, appraise and evaluate any medical situation and respond to minute changes in patients' condition. The nurse brings a comforting closeness to the patient that comes through time spent at the bedside. The nurse is the eyes of the doctor."
Donna Yates-Adelman

Speaking Topics
Edmonton General Hospital
Edmonton General Hospital
Donna welcomes the opportunity to talk to nurses, patients and caregivers worldwide.
  • Tips To Surviving In The Health Care System: For Patients, Caregivers, Family and Friends

  • The Nurse: An Endangered Species

  • Compassion and the Hi-Tech Nurse - Is There Room for Both?

  • Nursing Matters: Then and Now

  • Why Be a Nurse?

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Feb. 20/08
Surviving the health care system in the 21st century
Medical care must be a team effort, care specialist says.
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Retired intensive care nurse and author, Donna Yates- Adelman -- The simple antidote? Wash your hands.

Few people would dare ask their doctors to "wash their hands" before being treated for an injury or illness. Yet with the rise in risk of hospital infections in recent years the question could not be more important. For Donna Yates-Adelman, a career nurse and medical care specialist, that question is the starting point for dealing with a healthcare system that has become more specialized, crowded, and complicated than ever. “One in nine of every Canadian that goes in the hospital gets... Read More